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  • All Saints Day 2016 [28.09.2018] The library will close from October 31st (19.00h) to November 5th (8.00h).
  • Voilà, la loi fédérale belge autorisant #OAGreen publiée le 5 septembre 2018 [06.09.2018] TOUS articles scientif des chercheurs belges peuvent désormais être déposés en #OA sur #RI avec embargo max 6/12 mois. Quel que soit contrat signé !
  • Predatory publishers and open access [10.08.2018] Is open access leading to predatory publishing or is there others reasons ?
  • The National Licenses - access to 60 millions articles for everyone in Switzerland [05.07.2018] Access for free more then 60 millions articles from the publishers Cambridge University Press - De Gruyter - Oxford University Press - Springer Nature. The national licences result from a collaboration between the Swiss University Libraries Consortium and Swissuniversities.
  • An open statement to boycott a new AI-focused academic journal, disapproving of the paper's policy of closed-access. [01.05.2018] Nature Machine Intelligence from Springer Narure is expected to launch in January next year. The joint statement written by Thomas Dietterich, a professor of computer science at Oregon State University in the US, and signed by more than 2,000 academics and researchers in industry, states that "they will not submit to, review, or edit for this new journal."
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