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Open Access Servers

Open access servers can be archived with electronic versions of

  • unpublished papers
  • papers not yet published, but intended or submitted for publication
  • papers published in journals but not accessible for those who are not subscribers (postprints): In most cases this is the author's final version which can be archived, not the journal's pdf.

Although servers (or repositories) are scattered across the Internet, they can be searched from a single point, since common rules (OAI) for describing their content make a common indexing feasible.

Below are some examples of centralized open archives in sciences. See also the Directory of Open Repository DOAR or the Registry of Open Access Repositories, ROAR, for an overview.

Global Science/technical fields ArXiv, now host at Cornel University, the famous archives founded by Paul Ginsparg in 1991 The largest archive with more than 100'000 records.
  BioRxiv inspired from ArXiv founded in 2013 and sponsored by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Publisher's policy and preprints.
  E-print Network from the US Department of Energy and Office of Scientific and Technical Information A single search interface for many different fields
  HAL the French hyper article en ligne A multidisciplinary server from CCSD
  CogPrint from the Joint Information Systems Committee (UK) Initially devoted to cognition sciences, becoming multidisciplinary
  DSPace-MIT a digital repository from the MIT Institutional (reserved to institution members). Contains the MIT Research in digital form, including preprints, technical reports, working papers, conference papers, images etc... More...
  Rero Doc the document server of the Library Network of Western Switzerland Institutional repository for the Universities of Neuchâtel and Fribourg. Theses from other Western Switzerland Universities and the EPFL are also archived.
Theses and Dissertations Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), an open federation of universities Institutional, but federates many members.
  TEL Thèses En Ligne Multidisciplinary, server from CCSD
Mathematics MathDoc a French server of mathematics works  
Mathematical Physics mp-arc, from the University of Texas, Mathematics departments  
High Energy Physics CERN Document Server (CDS) Institutional. It contains full-text documents about CERN and high-energy physics. Covers preprints, books, periodicals, reports, photographs...
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